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Leather and Disabilities

A Links Directory

Edited by Dusk Peterson

This links directory is part of the disabilities issue of True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power, which includes articles, stories, and photography related to many of the topics mentioned below.

Sections below:

* Drummer's "Maimed Beauty" Issue
* Articles, Photography, and Audio on Leatherfolk, Bears, and Disabilities
* Leather and Bear Organizations for the Deaf
* Leather and Bear Events for the Deaf
* Pansexual Disability Sites
* Pansexual Disability E-mail Lists
* Sexuality and Disabilities
* Devotees


Issue #93 of the gay leather magazine Drummer (1986) was devoted to the topic of disabilities. (True Tales reprints some of the contents of that issue in its disabilities issue.) Drummer is no longer in print, but used copies are available  through libraries with leather collections, through vintage magazine sellers, and through online auctions (see the site's warning for the second and third links).

New Orleans: 50 Photographs. A 1985 book that includes photographs by George Dureau that were reproduced in Drummer. [Amazon.com]

A Meeting with George Dureau. Two contributors to the "Maimed Beauty" issue get a chance to meet. [BENT: A Journal of CripGay Voices]

Who Thinks We're Sexy? Do We? A BENT/Disgaytalk forum. Discussion of the "Maimed Beauty" issue on the eroticism of gay disabled men. [BENT: A Journal of CripGay Voices]

"Maimed Beauty" Revisited. An artist who has created a drawing of a nude male amputee feels uneasy as to whether his audience will accept his picture . . . and then receives affirmation by reading the BENT discussion about "Maimed Beauty." [BENT: A Journal of CripGay Voices]


Aubrey's Playroom. This Internet radio show for the alternative sexuality community broadcast interviews with two deaf leathermen: International Mr. Deaf Leather 1999, Bob Rourke (June 3, 2000) and International Mr. Deaf Leather 2000, Buck Rogers (July 7, 2001).

Breaking Barriers: D.C. Resident Becomes First Deaf Winner of Mr.
Baltimore Eagle. A 2005 news article. [The Washington Blade]

Deaf Bear Festival a Success. By Henry Carter. Scroll down. A report from 2001. [bear-pics.com]

Full Access. Scroll down. Tips from International Mr. Leather 2003, John Pendal, on how to make leather contests accessible to the disabled. (Site's warning page.) [IML 2003]

International Deaf Leather and International Deaf Bear Contest (July 21, 2005). Photos. [Metro Weekly]

International Mr/Ms Deaf Leather '96 Contest. By Daniel Sonnenfield. With photos. See also the author's Leather Perspectives. [Home Page]

Leather Jackets for Sunny Florida? Absolutely! A 2003 news article about a competitor in the International Deaf Leather contest. [Letters from Camp Rehobeth]

Local Boy Makes Good: San Francisco Goes International with Mr. Deaf Leather Contest. A 1996 news article from the Bay Times. [Home Page]

Ms and Disability. On a discussion board, a leatherdyke asks how best to give her disabled girl a sense of self-worth. [Butch-Femme.com]


Australian Deaf Leather Men. [The BackDrop Club]

Baltimore Leather Association of the Deaf, Inc.

Deaf Bears and Cubs Organization.

Communication Access Network. "Comprised of volunteers from the Deaf, Hearing, Leather, Fetish, and Sign Language Interpreting communities to improve accessibility for Deaf persons at Leather and Fetish events." Archived. To reach inner links, plug their URLs into the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Deaf European Leather.

Deaf Leather Organizations Worldwide and Current Deaf Leather Titleholders. An archive of a no doubt much outdated 1997 resource list by deafqueer.org.

International Deaf Leather.

Moonlight Leather Association of the Deaf (San Diego, California). Scroll down for listing.

Northern California Leather Association of the Deaf (San Francisco). Scroll down for listing. [The Leather Journal]


Deaf Leather and Bear Calendar of Events. [International Deaf Leather]

October 14-15, 2005, Washington, D.C.: Atlantic Bear Leather Festival. With the Mr. Atlantic Deaf Bear and Mr. Atlantic Deaf Leather contests.

November 18-19, 2005, Philadelphia: Leather & Bear Festival VI. With the Mr. Philadelphia Deaf Leather contest. Alternative link to the Leather & Bear Festival VI.

2006, San Diego, California: International Mr. Deaf Leather. Held alongside the International Mr. Deaf Bear contest.


BDSM and Disabilities. By Ryn Gibbs. By a deaf sub. (Site's warning page.) [Leather and Roses]

BDSM for Those with Disabilities. By Raven Shadowborne. By a bottom who has a physical disability affecting her lower back. (Site's warning page.) [Leather and Roses]

D/s Activities and Medical Conditions. By Yaldahtvah. By a "D/s Friendly Physician." Tips for BDSM play. Archived. [Thro's D/s Resources]

Bob Flanagan. Information and links on a disabled, heterosexual performance artist who incorporated masochism into his art.

Disabilities: An End or a Beginning? By Master Guardian's Sugar. A slave who was the victim of a carjacking adjusts to serving her master from a wheelchair. (Site's warning page.) [Mimi's Place]

Everyone Has a Wheelchair Like Me. By Master Guardian's Sugar. An expanded look at what it means to be disabled. (Site's warning page.) [Mimi's Place]

The Handicapped in BDSM. By Mistress Steel. Tips for play. (Site's warning page.) [steel-door.com]

Kinked.org. Forums for "those that have disabilities that practice or incorporate BDSM into their lives, or live an alternative or kinky lifestyle."

Leather Books in Alternative Formats. For those who have difficulty reading standard printed books, such as the blind or people with mobility impairments. Includes gay, lesbian, and heterosexual titles. [Dusk Peterson]

Online Discussion: Disabilities and BDSM. (Site's warning page.) [EhBC]

Physically Challenged. By Mistress Steel. "Can a man be a Dominant if he is confined to a wheelchair?" (Site's warning page.) [steel-door.com]

Service and Illness, Injury and Disability. A disabled slave asks on a discussion board whether she can continue in service. [Dr. Gloria G. Brame]

Tips for the Disabled/Handicapped. By Electric Switch. Detailed tips on BDSM play with the disabled, as well as how to make events spaces accessible and how to interact with disabled people. Includes links to BDSM equipment that can be used by the disabled. (Site's warning page.) [BDSM Education]


BDSM_4_PWD. At Yahoo Groups.

Masters and slaves who have Disabilities. At Yahoo Groups.

Disabilities. Links to e-mail lists. (Site's warning page.) [caryl's page]


Annotated Bibliography: Sexuality and Disability. [SIECUS]

BENT: A Journal of Cripgay Voices. Includes erotic writings and art, as well as writings on leather. Call for submissions to BENT.

Eyes of Desire: A Deaf Gay & Lesbian Reader. Edited by Raymond Luczak. Includes an interview with a deaf leatherman. Table of contents. Call for submissions to the sequel to Eyes of Desire.

Gay disabilities sites

gimpsex.org Resources. A long list of links related to sexuality and disabilities.

Outsiders. A British pansexual site offering advice to disabled people and their admirers on how to find friends and lovers. The Practical Suggestions section includes information on GLBT issues, amputee fetishes, and SM.

Queer Crips: Disabled Gay Men and Their Stories. By Bob Guter and John R. Killacky. An anthology co-edited by the editor of BENT. Includes an online excerpt. Paperback edition.

Rainbow Query: Disability Links.

Sex and Disability Links. [Come As You Are]


Admirers: Devotees, Pretenders, Wannabees and . . . Race. A BENT/Disgaytalk forum. This discussion prompted a letter to the editor: An Admirer Talks Back. [BENT: A Journal of CripGay Voices]

Devotees. At a board for personal ads to and from gay disabled men, a disabled man posts a letter he received from a fan, explaining his attraction. [Gay Universe]

Disability and Delight: Staring Back at the Devotee Community. A 2000 article by Raymond J. Aguilera. [BENT: A Journal of CripGay Voices]

DevGuide. "Links for devotees of disabled women." Has a page devoted to disabled men, including gay disabled men.

OverGround. A site for devotees and wannabes, especially of female amputees.

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