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JUNE 2005

Tributes to Robert Davolt

With Writings by and about Him

Edited by Dusk Peterson

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Home Page Tributes


By Joe Gallagher, at the site where Robert Davolt's column was published weekly.

Text: "LEATHERPAGE.COM is DARK to honor ROBERT DAVOLT. Robert W. Davolt 1958-2005." Picture of Robert Davolt in the left frame. In the right frame, Mr. Davolt's obituary, written by himself.

John Pendal, International Mr Leather 2003

Picture of Robert Davolt and John Pendal. Caption: "A big hug from Robert Davolt, San Francisco, Sept 2003." Text: "In Loving Memory / ROBERT DAVOLT / 1958 - 16th May 2005. (Amongst other things, author of Painfully Obvious, one of my favourite books.)"

Jay Harcourt, Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2005

Text: "In Loving Memory of Robert Davolt 1958-2005." Picture of Robert Davolt. Caption: "Clicking on the picture will take you to his obituary on LeatherPage.com."

Master Taino's Leather Family

Text, accompanied by picture of Robert Davolt: "Master Taino's Leather Family shares the loss of our friend and leader in our Leather community / Robert Davolt / San Francisco Daddy XIX, Author of "Painfully Obvious" & Editor, Bound and Gagged Magazine. Robert passed Monday, May 16, 2005. You will never be forgotten . . . and your legacy will live forever."

Quotation: "'I want a slave who is creative, resourceful and imaginative. I like a powerful, capable slave, because his power and capabilities, submitted to me, make me more powerful and capable. . . . He will bring to the dungeon the same sort of creativity. I like to get inside a bottom’s head and play around a bit. It makes for a very short evening when there is little or nothing inside to play with.  He will want to please me, and I will want to give him every reason to continue to obey my every command and serve my every wish. He is to be a cherished and protected possession.' Robert Davolt, Practical Slavery, Drummer Magazine".


Text: "May 17, 2005: 

"SanFranciscoLeather.com mourns the passing of Robert Davolt, noted leather author, leader and San Francisco Leather Daddy XIX. 

"In addition to his contributions to the leather community, Robert often posted wonderful notes here at SanFranciscoLeather.com. 

"Our condolences to Robert's lover, Joe Granese. 

"Farewell Robert.  Your life added much to this city and our lives. 

"SanFranciscoLeather.com & Sister Betty Does, LNM 

"An archive of Robert Davolt's columns, including his farewell column, can be found at Leatherpage.com."

Other Tributes

Earl A. Coffman: Friend, Dad, Mentor, and Teacher: Memories of Robert Davolt. [True Tales]

Mister Marcus: Honorable in Words and Deeds. [Mama's Family]

John Pendal: "Two big events affected my life in May". [John Pendal, International Mr Leather 2003]

Dusk Peterson: Bloodprint: Robert Davolt and the Legacy of Drummer. [True Tales]

david shorey: In Memoriam . . . Robert Davolt. [SanFranciscoLeather.com]

Writings by and about Robert Davolt


Painfully Obvious: An Irreverent & Unauthorized Manual for Leather/SM (Daedalus Publishing, 2004). Available at: Amazon.com (with excerpts) | Barnes & Noble | Daedalus | KinkyBooks.

Column at LeatherPage.com. Essays. [LeatherPage.com]

Triptych: 1945 - 1972 - 2005. Erotic fiction. From Bound & Gagged #105. (Site's warning page.) [Bound & Gagged]

Wild Pigs and Neanderthals. By Bob Wayne AKA Robert Davolt. Erotic nonfiction. From the online edition of Drummer #207. [Internet Archive]

Mama's Family. (Skip down to "In one recent column".) Personality feature. (Site's warning page.) [Will Clark USA]

"I used to be somewhat of a stickler about uniforms". E-mail post. [Officer Wes, Tom, & slave jeff]

"There is a lot of speculation regarding Drummer". (Skip down to "November 3rd"). Letter. [Aubrey's Playroom]

The Leather Report. By JP Rathburne AKA Robert Davolt. A news column for the San Francisco Spectrum. December 2003 | January 2004 | November 2004.

Workshops for Tribal Fire. [Tribal Fire]

About the Author: Robert Davolt. By Henry B. (Boy Henry) Wilson AKA Robert Davolt. From Painfully Obvious.

Obituary for Robert Davolt. By Robert Davolt. [LeatherPage.com]


Julian & Ken of Daddy's (2003). [The Guide Online]

Bob Brunson of Daddy's (2003). [The Guide Online]

Photos of the International Mr. Leather Contest 2003 (PDF file). Skip down to page four: "United Kingdom Takes IML." (Site's warning page.)


"What every other magazine is after, that's what we don't want". Quotation from Robert Davolt about Drummer. From an article by Simon Sheppard. [PlanetOut]

Robert Davolt Donates Papers to the GLBT Historical Society (2000). (Skip down to "Desmodus."). [GLBT Historical Society]

A Magazine Release Party for Bound & Gagged Issue #93. An April 2003 press release on Robert Davolt's new column. [The San Francisco Leather Calendar]

SF Author's First Book Nominated for Stonewall Book Award. A 2004 press release from Daedalus Publishing concerning Painfully Obvious. (Site's warning page.) [Daedalus Publishing]

"There was no Algonquin Round Dungeon Table". Quotations from Robert Davolt in one of his final interviews (conducted March 7). From an article by Dusk Peterson. (After the first quotation, skip down to "Robert Davolt".) [Home Page]


Photo of Robert Davolt. The standard photograph he used for his bios. [LeatherPage.com]

San Francisco Leather Daddies. Includes a small headshot of Robert Davolt in uniform. (Site's warning page.) [sfleatherandbear.com]

Drummer CEO Robert Davolt (1998). By MANOLI. With Victor Varela and Butch Arnold. See full caption in the accompanying article by Mister Marcus. [Internet Archive]

2002 Calendar Men During Their Year. A 2001 photo of Robert Davolt with Chris Ross and Tony Kester. [SOMA Bare Chest Calendar]

Photos from the 2003 Parade and Photos from the 2004 Parade. Includes photos of Robert Davolt. [SF Leather Pride Contingent]

Robert Davolt at the International Bear Rendezvous (February 2004). (Site's entrance page.) [The Nashoba Institute]

At International Mr. Leather 2004. By Mister Marcus. "The late Robert Davolt in a lighter moment at IML 2004 . . . just before the contest started and equipped with materials for his copious notes and research technique." [Mama's Family]

The 2004 Leather Archives & Museum Board of Directors. (Skip down.) [LA&M]

Robert Davolt at Daddy's Bar (2004). "Author Robert Davolt, International Mr Leather 2004 Jason Hendrix, Mr Oregon State Leather Andy Mangels, and Leather Journal Publisher Dave Rhodes at Daddy's Bar in the Castra on September 24, 2004." (Site's warning page.) [AndyMangels.com]

For more photos, see the tribute by John Pendal and the SCENEprofiles interview.


An Interview with Robert Davolt. By Jean Roberta. (Site's warning page.) [Blue Food]

Drummer History. Interview with Robert Davolt. (Site's warning page.) [LeatherWeb]

SCENEprofiles Interview with Robert Davolt. By Sensuous Sadie. With photos. [Sensuous Sadie's Domain]

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