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Historical Note to

"Other Bodies"

By Michael Agreve

"Other Bodies" was written for Drummer magazine in order to deal with the previously unexplored (for the magazine) area of disability, including the often controversial one relating to devotees/wannabe's and the men who they are seeking.

When the story was reviewed and accepted for publication, Drummer editor Mark I. Chester decided to expand Drummer Issue #93 to cover what he labeled "Maimed Beauty." Mark added his own piece plus photos by George Dureau, who I would later get to meet in his hometown of New Orleans, where he photographs many local men with disabilities.

Mark I. Chester, who I also met in person later, told me that Maimed Beauty received the largest number of responses up until that point from Drummer readers, most of it positive. I later wrote a letter to the magazine, telling the readers that many of the encounters I described were based on actual hookups that I had experienced.

"Other Bodies" was followed up in a later issue with a story called "Chester." I am proud that I was able to feature the notion of sex with men with disabilities in a fetish oriented magazine that usually only contained erotic fiction featuring more stereotypical hunks with huge cocks and bulging muscle. I continue to write, notably under my real name for BENT, an online Website that deals with issues of disability and sexuality.

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Drummer Readers on the Eroticism of Disabled Men. Reactions to the publication of the "Maimed Beauty" issue. Includes excerpts from a letter by Michael Agreve.

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