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An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power

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True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power is a free online gay magazine. More information is available on the history of the e-zine and the honors it has received.

True Tales no longer publishes original content. However, it continues to recommend offsite works to its readers. If you are a creator of the types of online works mentioned below, feel free to submit a link for consideration. If you simply like a work you've seen online, you're also welcome to tell True Tales about it.


2008 theme (until October 31, 2008): Prisoners and Prison Officers.
2009 theme (until October 31, 2009): Businessmen.

Link submissions are accepted at all times of the year. Submissions on topics not related to the yearly themes are also welcome.


True Tales links to erotic and non-erotic narrative nonfiction, fiction, narrative poetry, drama, book excerpts, blog entries, art, photography, videos, and audio.

All writings and videos must include a narrative (that is, a series of connected events). All links submitted must be on a topic related to masculinity and power, such as masculine icons (cops, cowboys, etc.) or power dynamics between men. Authors and artists may be of any gender and sexual orientation. Bisexual and transgender works are welcome, provided there is a strong focus on a gay pairing.

Any characters/people, plot, setting, theme, genre, length, and lightness or darkness of tone will be considered. Works (including stories) that offer a realistic portrayal of gay life are especially welcome, but links to fanciful works may be submitted too. Submissions that include societal minorities or that break past the conventions of gay erotic literature and art are also especially welcome.

The primary criterion for acceptance of a link is that the work be well done. However, if you're choosing between links to submit, you should be aware that the editor particularly likes works with dramatic tension, in which there is respect or affection between the main characters (either from the start or by the end of the story).

Having said that, the editor is quite willing to consider other types of work. A well-constructed work is what is most important.


1) Send links only, please. A brief introduction to the link is fine, but please don't send the work itself; True Tales only links to works that are already online.

You are welcome to submit multiple links.

In the subject heading, write, "Submission: [Title]," with the title of the work. For example, "Submission: Mr. Benson." Send the e-mail to Dusk Peterson at truetalesATfastmail.fm, replacing AT with the appropriate symbol. (That e-mail address is available in JavaScript on the home page.) Once the e-mail is received, the editor will take one to four weeks to consider your link submission. If you do not receive an answer within a month, please query.

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