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Publication Markets

Why is the gay and erotica section below so small in comparison to the leather section, you ask? It's because there are a lot of nice people out there keeping track of gay and erotica markets for writers. Nobody except True Tales has kept track of leather markets.

This page is no longer updated. All of the information was current as of the latest update.

Updated May 2007.

Sections below:

1: Gay and Erotica Publication Markets

* Market Reports

2: Leather and BDSM Publication Markets

* Staff Openings: Leather and BDSM Publications
* Calls for Submission: Leather and BDSM Publications
* Calls for Submission: Leather-Friendly Publications
* Resources for Leather Writers

1: Gay and Erotica Publication Markets


Erotic Authors Association: Market Report Links. This list, originally started by the editor of True Tales, includes market reports that regularly carry calls for submission to gay publications, both erotic and non-erotic.

2: Leather and BDSM Publication Markets

STAFF OPENINGS: Leather and BDSM Publications

Staff opening announcements for leather and pansexual BDSM publications. Includes searches for freelance reporters.

Instigator Magazine. This gay leather magazine is "looking for reporters to conduct interviews, investigative reporting on events and individuals associated with the scene." Contact the editor of Instigator. (Posted October 2005.)


Calls for submission to leather and pansexual BDSM publications. All publications are nonpaying unless otherwise indicated.

Bob Wingate's Blog. The former editor of the bondage magazine Bound & Gagged encourages readers to write to him with their true-life (or at least plausibly true-life) bondage experiences. He retains the rights to the stories. Go to this entry and scroll down for some of his suggestions. Contact Bob Wingate by e-mail or leave a reply to one of his blog entries.

The Dominant's View Submission Guidelines. This pansexual BDSM e-zine is seeking fiction, articles, photography, and art. (Site's warning page.)

Gay Bear/Leather/Kink Publication. This as-yet unnamed Castro / Upper Market publication is seeking fiction, nonfiction, comics, photographs, and illustrations. Paying market.

Instigator Magazine: Submit. This gay leather magazine is seeking fiction, photos, and models. (Site's warning page.)

The Leather Journal. This monthly leather newspaper regularly carries press releases. "The Leather Journal (LJ) reserves Copyright on all published material unless prior arrangement has been made. In order for TLJ to return any submitted copy, art or photographs, a self-addressed, stamped envelope with a request to return such material must accompany it." (Quoted from the April 2005 issue.) Contact information is at the bottom of the newspaper's home page.

LeatherViews. Jack Rinella's weekly column for Gay Chicago Magazine regularly runs articles by guest columnists. He retains the rights to your article. If you have an idea for a column, contact Jack Rinella (he prefers to be addressed as Jack). (Site's warning page.)

Prometheus. This pansexual BDSM magazine from The Eulenspiegel Society in New York is seeking fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, and artwork. (Site's warning page.)

The Scarlet Leather. This pansexual BDSM magazine from the New England Leather Alliance is seeking articles, fiction, poems, book reviews, photos, cartoons, spot art, and puzzles. Payment ranges from $10 to $25.

Simply Service. This pansexual newsletter for people in service-oriented relationships is seeking nonfiction submissions. The editor says, "I very much want the [newsletter's] issues to reflect various service interactions: Master/slave, Daddy/boy/i, Dom/sub, monogamous, poly, and any other combination you've come up with. While the articles are mostly from the 'bottom' part of the relationship, Top input is also appreciated. I don't provide guidance on topics because I want whatever is currently on the contributor's mind; issues can have quite the range of topics." Check the Simply Service Yahoo Group for later issues. Contact the editor of Simply Service.

A True Rose. A pansexual BDSM site that allows visitors to submit articles, stories, poems, and news. Submit through the Web form or contact cajunrose.

CALLS FOR SUBMISSION: Leather-Friendly Publications

Calls for submission from non-leather publications that often run leather writings. See Market Reports for links to other leather-friendly publications. All publications are nonpaying unless otherwise indicated.

Velvet Mafia: Submission Guidelines. This gay fiction and erotica e-zine specializes in "dangerous" stories. "We want work that dares to step over the line, fiction with teeth." A number of leather stories have been published here, and stories with dark themes appear in every issue. Seeks erotic and non-erotic fiction, poetry, book reviews, (Site's warning page.)


True Tales: Links. Includes links to leather publishers and to online archives that accept leather writings.

Online Directory of Leather Magazines and Newsletters.

Leather Publishing in the Past and Present. Includes links to advice on how to write leather and gay erotica. [Leather TOCs]

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