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Military Men

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DECEMBER 2007 (Issue #9)

FICTION: Digging Trenches. By Marquesate. (Posted at the author's site. From the novel Her Majesty's Men.) Desire isn't necessarily a bad thing in a soldier . . . unless it's directed at your best mate.

Hadn't intended to grind himself against another guy in breathless need, loaded to the gills with cheap lager, denims pulled down to his knees.

FICTION: Hooray for Hollywood. By Parhelion. (From the series Hurrah for Hollywood. Posted at the author's site.) Tom thought of himself as only a bed-hopping choreographer. The war was proving him wrong.

He could bend men to his will. He could watch them fail and fall without his own nerve breaking. He had to hold firm in his miscast part, finish this job before he could walk off the set, no matter how he felt about growing to fit this alien role.

FICTION: Fleur de Lys 2 and Fleur de Lys 3. By Ranger. (From the novel Fleur de Lys. Posted at the author's site.) In the trenches of World War One, the usual rules governing social conduct fall to the wayside.

It must have only sounded like 'son', must have been 'sir', not even Cowan would dare address an officer in that way, but Deverel didn't query it. There was a good deal of comfort in that rough and warm hand.

JULY 2007 (Issue #8)

FICTION: Virgin Airmen. By Michael Gouda. (Posted at World Wide Gay Stories.) In 1951, life in the British army has unusual benefits.

"Sorry about the lack of a stove," said the Corporal. "I suggest you both sleep in the big bed and use all the blankets. Top to tail, of course, and no larking about." He winked at us.

ART: Couple. By Tom of Finland. (Posted in the Tom Image for 2004 gallery at the Tom of Finland Foundation.)

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MAY 2007 (Issue #7)

FICTION: Poseidon's Fist. By George Gardner. (Posted at the Nifty Erotic Stories Archive.) When the worst happens, hard truths must be faced . . . and comfort sought. 

It was quiet now. It had not always been so, but now the darkness was total with the silence broken only by the faint creaks as the hull of the submarine slowly succumbed to the deadly press of the deep ocean.

ART: In the Navy. By Roger Payne. (Posted at Homoerotic Art Museum. Artist's gallery at Adonis Art of London.)

NONFICTION: Here's How a Faggot Slaps. Steven Zeeland interviews John. (Posted at the author's site. From the book Barrack Buddies and Soldier Lovers. Gallery.) A soldier comes out to his straight roommate, in the most complete manner possible. 

Sometimes at night I beat off. And then all of a sudden I'd hear him doing the same thing.

VIDEO: Hard Soldiers and Alte Kameraden. By uhu. (Posted at YouTube.) Hard fighters, erotic scenery.

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