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An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power


The viewpoints and materials provided by the sites below belong solely to those sites. Otherwise, we'd have a lot more hot photos at this magazine.

1: Gay Links

Gay Erotic Stories, Art, and Photography

* Gay Online Archives, Magazines, and Recommendations Lists
* True Tales Links Directories
* Gay Erotic Literature Directories
* Gay Erotic Art Directories
* Writings About Gay Erotic Literature and Art

Gay News and Events

* Gay Journalism (including erotic news)
* Events on Gay Erotic Art and Literature

2: Leather Links

Leather Stories, Art, and Photography

* Leather Online Archives and Magazines
* Leather Authors, Artists, and Photographers
* Writings about Leather Literature and Art
* Leather Arts Awards
* Leather Publishers, Booksellers, and Libraries

Leather News and Events

* Leather Journalism
* D.C./Baltimore News
* D.C./Baltimore Events Calendars
* National Events Calendars

3: General Links

* Gender
* Freedom of Expression and Other Legal Issues
* Health and Safety
* Dialogue

1: Gay Links

Gay Erotic Stories, Art, and Photography


alt.sex.stories.gay.moderated. Archives for the E-mail List and Newsgroup. Amateur gay erotica. Both the list and the newsgroup carry the same content. There is also a list for M/M pairings only.

Buried Treasure: Online Male Homoerotic Fiction Recommendations. By the editor of True Tales. Descriptions and links to stories and videos that are outside the mission of this e-zine.

Gay Erotic Archives and Smutjunkies. Information on gay pornography magazines, studios, directors, illustrators, and models. Includes reproductions of photographs.

International Leatherman, Mach, PowerPlay, and various masculine gay magazines – see Brush Creek Media.

Literotica.com. Amateur fiction. A nicely designed site with a gay male section, but it's not easy to find stories here on specific topics.

MAS-Zine. An amateur gay fiction and erotica magazine, for sale in electronic and print formats. "MAS-Zine offers you stories that show you the darker side of life, dealing with topics like slavery, imprisonment and prostitution. But we're romantics at heart, showing how love can bloom in such unlikely places." You guessed it – the magazine is marketed to women. If you like to see men pledge undying love to each other after one of them has been tortured and raped for several months, this is the place to go.

Men on the Net Erotic Stories. Amateur gay erotica. Average in terms of story quality, but with an interesting way of categorizing its offerings. How many other story sites have sections entitled "Arm Pits" or "Uncut"? Leather stories are divided from SM stories, which in turn are divided from bondage stories. This is also the site to visit if you read porn stories in Albanian or Macedonian.

Nifty. Amateur gay erotica. Massive site, cleanly designed, but with no story descriptions, alas. Go to the section entitled "Stories by Prolific Net Authors" for a partial index of the authors.

Tom of Finland Foundation. You figured, right? But many other erotic artists are featured here as well.

True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power. This site, in case you arrived here through a keyword search. Links to online fiction, narrative nonfiction, art, photography, music, and videos on masculinity and power, such as masculine icons (cops, cowboys, etc.), power dynamics between men, or gay leather.

Velvet Mafia. A free gay fiction and erotica e-zine with a large number of stories with dark themes.


Tributes to Robert Davolt, with Writings by and about Him. Links related to the late editor of Drummer and Bound & Gagged.

Leather and Disabilities.

George Dureau: Nude Male Photography and Art.


Archerland. Enter the site and scroll down to the Links section for a comprehensive directory to amateur gay fiction and erotica sites.

Black Books: Links. (Site's warning page.) From a gay publisher.

M. Christian's Comrades and Ian Philips: Links. Lists of fellow writers compiled by gay erotica authors.

Nifty Archive Useful Links. Primarily links to amateur gay fiction and erotica sites.

Velvet Mafia's Killer Links. (Site's warning page.) From a gay e-zine.


Bear Café Bear Arts Resources.

delftboys: Links.

The Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation: Links. (Site's warning page; scroll down to the bottom.)

Tom of Finland Foundation: Links. (Site's warning page.)


The Burning Pen: Sex Writers on Sex Writing. An online companion to the book. Includes essays by gay erotic writers. [Erotic Authors Association]

Erotica Readers and Writers Association. Includes resources on gay erotic writings.

Gay Paintings Magazine. A blog-style collection of articles on gay art. See also the links section.

glbtq Encyclopedia. An online encyclopedia on the history of GLBT literature, arts, and social sciences. Articles on erotica and pornography (there's a difference?) are scattered throughout the site.

Sex Surfing 101. A handy guide to finding your way round the gay erotic Web. One of the sections is "Surfing for Porn." Mainly focussed on commercial photo and video sites, but still helpful to people seeking writings and art. [BananaGuide]

The Slash Skinny and Uniquely Pleasurable. Two central resources for links and reviews to original gay fiction, erotica, and art being created by folks in the fan fiction community. Heavy on romance, with some stories on masculinity and power.

Gay News and Events

GAY JOURNALISM (including erotic news)

365Gay.com. "The daily gay newspaper online."

Gay and Lesbian Online Magazines. Includes many online newspapers.

GayVN. News from the gay adult industry.

Porn Film Info Links. From a gay site. Some of these sites also cover porn magazines. News and review sites are included. [BananaGuide]

See also D.C./Baltimore News.


Exhibitions and Events. Happenings related to erotic art, especially gay art. [Tom of Finland Foundation]

Saints & Sinners Literary Festival. An "alternative" festival for queer authors – as far as I can tell, that means they're friendly to erotica writers. Takes place in New Orleans each year.

2: Leather Links

Leather Stories, Art, and Photography


100 Bloggers. A project (no longer running) by LTHR EDGE to encourage leatherfolk to start online journals about their daily lives. Go to the Who? page for links to 133 leather blogs.

Bob Wingate's Blog. The publisher of the venerable but now deceased porn magazine Bound & Gagged reprints old true-life bondage stories and posts new ones at his blog.

Instigator Magazine. This gay leather porn magazine (sold only in print) is designed to be looked at. That's obvious from the fact that the art director has made most of the text difficult to read. However, if you can get past minor problems like the fonts changing color three times in a single sentence, the magazine has several stories in each issue.

International Directory of Online Leather Magazines and Newsletters. Most of the publications are heavy on news items, but some have other material to offer as well. Also lists links to leather club directories.

Leather Lit: Excerpts from Drummer Magazine's Narrative Nonfiction. Erotic and non-erotic samples from the most famous gay leather magazine. Drummer had a somewhat fast-and-loose approach to nonfiction, but you can catch glimpses of the real-life activities taking place during its era.

Mach21. A new leather magazine that is available through Amazon.

SoundsKinky. A leather oral history project. The site's ambitious task is "a gathering of stories about people and events, large and small, telling the real history of the leather community." You can contribute your own memories to the site.


Mark I. Chester. Photography and nonfiction. "A gay radical sex photographer, Mark I. Chester has been documenting his life in San Francisco's sexual underground, in words and photos, since the late 1970s." Photos online.

Jack Fritscher. Journalism, nonfiction, fiction, and photography. Jack Fritscher is a former editor of Drummer. Writings and photographs online.

A. Jay AKA Al Shapiro AKA Allen J. Shapiro. Art. Creator of the first gay cartoon strip, which was later run by Drummer. Interview. Art online, but not his cartoons, alas.

Steve Lenius. Nonfiction. Leather columnist for Lavender Magazine in Minnesota. Writings and photography online.

Geoff Mains. Nonfiction. Author of Urban Aboriginals, which incorporates semi-fictional erotic narratives.

John Preston. Journalism, nonfiction, fiction, and photography. Best known for his novel Mr. Benson, Preston also wrote a number of news articles and nonfiction works for Drummer, as well as photography under the pseudonym of Yank. Writings and art online, though the art isn't by him – it's cover art for his books.

Robert Pruzan. Photography. Worked for Drummer and for Geoff Mains's Urban Aboriginals. Photograph: "Skip #1". Photograph from Urban Aboriginals. Two photos online.

Jack Rinella. Nonfiction. Leather columnist for Gay Chicago Magazine. His Website offers twelve years of columns, including his narratives about his own leather life. Writings online.

Larry Townsend. Fiction, journalism, nonfiction, and photography. Author of many novels and of The Leatherman's Handbook and The Leatherman's Handbook II, which incorporate semi-fictional erotic narratives. He did a bit of journalism and photojournalism for Drummer and Mach.

Bill Ward. Art. One of the longest running features in Drummer was Ward's cartoon strip, Drum. More of his work. Art online, just a snippet.

Jim Wigler. Photography. A Drummer photographer who is now better known for his leather videos. Photos online.


Leather TOCs: Tables of Contents for Leather Magazines. Drummer, Metropolitan slave . . . You get the idea. Includes links to information on the magazines' authors, artists, and photographers. The General Links page lists resources on leather publishing, indexes to leather writings, sites on the history of gay magazines, and other such matters.

Responsibility and Leather Fiction. "The author's role in the leather lifestyle needs to be defined as part entertainer and part social commentator."

Simon Sheppard and M. Christian Get Rough. The editors of a gay SM erotica anthology discuss with a vanilla interviewer what the appeal is of this sort of literature.

S/M: The New Romance. An article by Michael Bronski about three leather authors: Phil Andros, John Preston, and Jack Fritscher.


CineKink Awards.

The Leather Journal: Excellence in Club Communications 2000. (Skip down.)

True Tales Leather Journalism Awards 2005.


Alyson Publications. A GLBT press that published some of the earliest leather books to escape being ghettoized within pulp covers. Still surprisingly friendly to leather titles.

Brush Creek Media. Publisher of a whole host of major leather magazines, from International Leatherman to Mach. Now no longer active, alas, but the site claims their back issues are available.

Circlet Press. Erotic science fiction and fantasy, with a healthy dose of gay SM books.

Cleis Press. A GLBT press that publishes some leather authors, such as John Preston and Patrick Califia.

Daedalus Publishing. A leather press. Publisher of Leatherfolk and much more.

Greenery Press. A leather press. Joseph W. Bean and Jack Rinella are among their authors.

KinkyBooks. A leather bookseller with a large selection.

Leather Archives and Museum. Located in Chicago. Probably has the only museum gift-shop in the world where you can buy a book on watersports.

Leather Books in Alternative Formats. Links to accessible leather-related books (audio, large print, e-text, and braille) at online booksellers and at libraries for the blind.

Leather Fonds: Archives and Libraries with Collections Related to Leather Culture. Mainly lists research libraries, but also links to a few GLBT libraries that have leather books and magazines, as well as some club libraries. And, oh yes, we could have predicted it: the San Francisco Public Library owns leather books.

Masquerade Books. Now gone, alas; the link leads to an interview with its publisher. When this press ended, it left a whole host of leather writers homeless. Look for its books at Amazon.com and at used booksellers, either under Masquerade or under its imprints, Badboy and Richard Kasak Books.

Mystic Rose Books. Publisher of Laura Antoniou and Viola Johnson.

The Nazca Plains Corporation. Has the URL goodboner.com, which gives you an idea of where their foundation is. This small press is divided into the following subdivisions: Boner Books (gay fiction and related topics), Magazines, SM/Tech (gay and heterosexual books and DVDs), and M/s Studies (heterosexual). With the slowdown of BDSM publishing elsewhere, this is where a number of leather authors are ending up these days.

Leather News and Events


Aubrey's Playroom and SCENEprofiles Interviews. Two sites collecting many interviews with leatherfolk, past and present. The interviews at Aubrey's Playroom are in audio format.

BDSM News, BDSM Watch, and kinknews. News from the vanilla media, mainly about heterosexual BDSM.

Code of Ethics for Leather Journalists. From LeatherPage.com.

GayVN: Leather. Leather news from the gay adult industry.

The Leather Journal and LeatherPage.com. Two major sources of leather news.

Tom of Finland Foundation Announcements. "News and notes about the erotic arts." Often runs news about leather artists. News about the Foundation itself can be found in the organization's newsletter, Dispatch.


Metro Weekly, The Washington Blade, and Baltimore OUTloud (see especially the Leather Line column). Three GLBT publications that cover local leather news.

Vern Stewart. (Alternative link.) A columnist covering leather/levi news in the D.C. area.


Baltimore Eagle Events.

D.C. Eagle Events.

Master Taino's Calendar. Calendar kept by a D.C. leatherman who is active in several local clubs.

Washington D.C. Area BDSM Events Calendar: This Week and By Month.


The BDSM Events Page.

The Leather Journal Calendar.

Leather Journey Calendar.

3: General Links


Butch-Femme.com. For biological females who are especially prone to express masculinity or femininity, including FTMs and bois. Has a set of forums, including leather forums.

Straightacting.com. "Your masculine gay guy hangout." With a "butch board."


American Civil Liberties Union (United States). "We work daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Our job is to conserve America's original civic values – the Constitution and the Bill of Rights."

Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection. "Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection is the organization that helps the adult site industry make a difference in the battle against child pornography (CP). ASACP recognizes sexual child abuse as a heinous crime committed against children. As a major deterrent to such abuse, ASACP was formed in 1996 and is dedicated to eliminating child pornography from the Internet through its CP reporting hotline. ASACP also provides a self-regulatory vehicle for its members with a Code of Ethics that promotes the protection of children through responsible, professional business practices."

BDSM Rights (worldwide links directory). "This site promotes the concept of 'BDSM Rights': the belief that people whose sexuality or relationship preferences include Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, or Sadism and Masochism ('BDSM') deserve the same human rights as everyone else, and should not be discriminated against for pursuing BDSM with consenting adults. This page links to ongoing campaigns, BDSM-specific organisations, other human rights groups, and documents."

Duck and Cover: Series on Website Obscenity Issues. BDSM commentator Sensuous Sadie offers her personal perspective on how Website owners can keep themselves safe.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (United States). "The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) [protects] our civil liberties in the networked world. EFF broke new ground when it was founded in 1990 – well before the Internet was on most people's radar – and continues to confront cutting-edge issues defending free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights today." See also its Blue Ribbon Campaign.

Freedom of Speech Organizations. A short links directory. [Literotica]

Free Speech Coalition (United States). "Free Speech Coalition is the trade organization of the adult entertainment industry. Its mission is to safeguard the industry from oppressive governmental regulation and to promote good business practices within the industry."

Internet Censorship. A call to action by John Pendal, International Mr. Leather 2003.

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (United States). "The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is a national organization committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression. NCSF is primarily focused on the rights of consenting adults in the SM-leather-fetish, swing, and polyamory communities, who often face discrimination because of their sexual expression."

Revise F65 (worldwide). "The purpose of the ReviseF65 project is to remove Fetishism, Transvestism and Sadomasochism as psychiatric diagnoses from the International Classification of Diseases published by the World Health Organization."

SM Pride (United Kingdom). "The role of SM Pride is to:
(1) coordinate BDSM information, education and resources for everyone, (2) promote wider public awareness of BDSM and alternative sexualities, (3) liase with other organisations who are campaigning to remove BDSM from the World Health Organisation list as a mental disease/disorder."

The Spanner Trust (United Kingdom). "The Spanner Trust exists to defend the rights of sadomasochists of all sexual orientations and specifically to reverse the UK court ruling which made certain SM activities illegal even though all parties consent."

Woodhull Freedom Foundation (United States). Skip the flash screen. "The Woodhull Freedom Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right by protecting and advancing freedom of speech and sexual expression."


Freedom from Cybersex. "If you enjoy Internet sex involving individuals of legal age and have no interest in changing this activity, you don't need to be reading this." A sex-positive approach to the topic. [Gay Men's Counseling

GetNetWise: Privacy. Internet security.

GLBTQ Information Site. Somewhat out of date, but still one of the most comprehensive and well-balanced directories to sites on various aspects of GLBT life, including health issues.

Leatherfolk: Physical and Mental Health. A collection of links. [Transcend]


Bridges Across the Divide. "Bridges Across the Divide provides models and resources for building respectful relationships among those who disagree about moral issues surrounding homosexuality, bisexuality and gender variance." An organization jointly founded by a PFLAG member and an ex-gay.

Other Perspectives on Leather. "The articles linked here offer overlapping or opposing perspectives on issues discussed in the leather community. The articles are listed here in hopes of providing education and dialogue between the leather community and other communities whose members deal with related issues." From a leather spirituality Website. [Transcend]

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