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News and Resources for Leatherfolk, BDSM Folk, and Bears

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Hurricane Katrina news and resources (including leather, gay, and GLBT resources) for leatherfolk, leathermen, leatherwomen, leatherdykes, BDSM folk, fetish folk, bears, cubs, and the leather community.

This section is no longer updated. Some of the information in this section may be out of date.

If you need hurricane assistance quickly from the leather, BDSM, or bear communities, start with these links:


NOLA Refugee (pansexual e-mail list), The Dominant's View Forums (pansexual discussion boards), and KinkyParty.com (pansexual and transgender discussion boards). Three places where leatherfolk and BDSM folk can offer or seek assistance regarding the hurricane. Bears are also welcome at KinkyParty.com.


List of Survivors and Missing Persons from the Leather, BDSM, and Bear Communities (at this site).

Links to leather, BDSM, and bear clubs and organizations that were affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (at this site):

Houston Area.


New Orleans Area.


The following groups can provide housing and other assistance to leatherfolk and BDSM folk who are evacuees:

Louisiana (southwest) and Texas (southeast): BDSM Beaumont. Contact cajunrose. "BDSM Beaumont is a group with approximately 200 members, serving the Beaumont, Orange, Port Arthur, Lake Charles and surrounding areas. The Beaumont board and moderators are off-line for now with limited computer access. If you are a BDSM person or leatherperson who has been affected by Hurricane Rita, BDSM Beaumont is willing to help you, even if you do not belong to BDSM Beaumont. If you have a need or emergency, please email cajunrose at cajunrose@verizon.net and she will get your message through to one of the board members or moderators. Also send her any request for housing help and she will work with BDSM Beaumont to help you find long-term housing."

Louisiana: RSVP of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Contact Fred by e-mail or at 225-202-3588.

Missouri (and other parts of the Midwest): A coalition of St. Louis leather and BDSM groups, working in conjunction with the local MCC church. The group is tracking offers of assistance from various places in the Midwest. Non-leather GLBT and HIV+ evacuees can also be assisted. Contact Keith Richardson (Mr. Missouri Leather 2005).

Ohio: NLA: Columbus offers itself as a contact reference point for displaced leatherfolk and BDSM folk. Contact Shane, the co-chair.

Texas: A coalition of Texas leather and BDSM groups. Contact Leo il Maestro (GWNN) or Travis Wilson (Houston PEP). More information.


Leather Nation Job Board. "This board hopes to serve as a centralized "MATCHMAKER" – a listing of job opportunities in various U.S. cities, where our leather/kink/bdsm brothers and sisters who are Katrina Survivors might wish to relocate. . . . The idea for this Job Board was the suggestion of Alan Bowers, Mr. Louisiana Leather 2005, to provide long term support for victims of the Katrina, who are not able to return to the Katrina-devastated area of the Gulf Coast anytime soon and need to be gainfully employed as soon as possible. Post Katrina, we hope to be able to help leatherfolk who, due to ANY dire circumstances, need to relocate and become gainfully employed."


List of Relief Fundraisers in the Leather, BDSM, and Bear Communities (at this site).


Hurricane Katrina & Leatherfolk: The Facts in Brief.

Leather Pride / Katrina Aid logo

The Leather Pride / Katrina Aid logo is a gift from Caro and from Stephen Bloom to the leather community and may be freely distributed. Image description. Variations on the design.

Table of Contents

Screen shot of Web page offering assistance

One of many offers of assistance that have been posted by members of the leather community. (From Master Taino's Leather Family. Reproduced with permission of Master Taino.)


Sept. 2: No Deaths Reported Yet of Louisiana Leatherfolk.

Sept. 3: The Phoenix Bar Survives.

Sept. 3: NOBLE Members Check In.

Sept. 5: Unofficial Southern Decadence Planned; Deaths and Damage in Leather Community Remain Uncertain.

Sept. 6: IML 2005 Urges Leatherfolk to Respond Quickly to Hurricane Victims; Texas Leatherfolk Offer Housing

Sept. 6: Most MAsT New Orleans Members are Safe; Three Ambush Mag Staff Members are Missing.

Sept. 6: MAsT Members and Ambush Mag Columnist Located.

Sept. 9: Leatherfolk's Hurricane Communications Impeded by Troubles at ISP.

Sept. 11: Drummer Photographer Survives Katrina.

Sept. 11: Clubs Continue to Seek News of Survivors.

Sept. 21: Evacuees Face Evacuation Orders Once More; Hurricane Rita Threatens Leatherfolk in Texas, Louisiana.

Sept. 24: Leatherfolk Brace as Hurricane Rita Lashes Coast.

Sept. 24: Houston Spared, But BDSM Folk Around Beaumont Remain Nervous.

Sept. 24: True Tales Provides Web Space for Exiled New Orleans Columnist.

Sept. 27: Louisiana and Texas Clubs Seek Survivors, Offer Help After Hurricane Rita.

Oct. 6: Queernet.org Groups, LeatherPage.com, and Great Lakes Den Back Online.

Oct. 6: Titleholders Create New Leather Pride Logo to Aid Hurricane Victims.

Oct. 6: "Leather Fund" Project Inspires Unity Between Orientations.

Oct. 6: Leather Businesses, Leaders, and Media Offer Outreach to Hurricane Victims.

Oct. 6: Leather New Orleans Returns to Life; First Deaths Confirmed.

Oct. 6: BDSM Beaumont Still Seeking Survivors.



[A column by New Orleans journalist Wally Sherwood.]

Late August: Sherwood's Forest.

Sept. 12: All Mr. Marigny Leather V Winners Safe and Sound.

Sept. 24: Leather Bar in Mobile Reopens After Storm; Gulf Coast Bear Club Members are Safe.

Sept. 25: Richard and Wylie Proudly Show Off New Titles at Climax of Dallas boys of Leather Weekend.

Page Three: RESOURCES.

* Relief Fundraisers:

Relief Fundraisers in the Leather, BDSM, and Bear Communities.

Relief Fundraisers in the GLBT Community.

General Relief Fundraisers.

* Leather, GLBT, and General Resources for Evacuees and Those Assisting Them:

National: Leather, BDSM, and Bears.

National: GLBT.

National: General.

Alabama: GLBT and General.

Louisiana: Leather, BDSM, and Bears.

Louisiana: GLBT and General.

Louisiana – New Orleans Area: Leather, BDSM, and Bears.

Louisiana – New Orleans Area: GLBT and General.

Mississippi: Leather, BDSM, and Bears.

Mississippi: GLBT and General.

Texas: Leather, BDSM, and Bears.

Texas: GLBT and General.

Texas – Houston Area: Leather, BDSM, and Bears.

Texas – Houston Area: GLBT and General.

Other States: Leather, BDSM, and Bears.

Other States: GLBT and General.

* Survivors and Missing Persons from the Leather, BDSM, and Related Communities:

New Orleans Area: Cavaliers Motorcycle Club | Club FEM New Orleans | Cowpokes Bar | Crescent City Outlaws | Knights d'Orleans | Lords of Leather | MAsT New Orleans | New Orleans Bears | NOBLE | Phoenix Bar | Rawhide 2010 Bar.

Alabama: B-bob's Bar | CAPE | DARE | FDMS | Gulf Coast Bear and Leather Association | SAFE | Steel City Centurions.

Louisiana (except New Orleans): RSVP.

Louisiana/Texas: BDSM Beaumont.

Mississippi: Jackson Munch | SMART | Tupelo Munch.

Texas: Houston Area Bears | Houston Leather Boys | Houston PEP.


* Hurricane Writings and Art:

Call for Submissions: Leather, BDSM, and Bears.

Writings and Art: Leather, BDSM, and Bears.

News Articles and Opinion Pieces: GLBT and General.


* Lady Dianne (Affiliation: New Orleans Bondage and Leather Enthuiasts).
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