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Section below: September 2008 (Issue #11): Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

SEPTEMBER 2008 (Issue #11)

Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

ART: Ah! . . . Fric. By Michel Giliberti. (Posted at the author's site.) 

EDITORIAL: "I Wasn't a Prisoner": Why the Fate of the Galveston County Prisoners Should Matter to Us. (Posted at True Tales.)

"No one knew." And indeed, virtually nobody knew what was happening at the jail; nearly all of the media was too busy taking pictures of happy-go-lucky residents cavorting on the stormy beaches of Galveston Island to report that some not-so-happy residents desperately wanted to escape from danger but were not permitted to.

ART: Prison des errances. By Michel Giliberti. (Posted at the author's site.)

ART: Prisons.By Michel Giliberti.(Posted at the author's site.)

NONFICTION: What Would You Take with You? By Daddy James. (Posted at True Tales.) On the eve of Hurricane Ike, the author learns to see the world from a new perspective.

0530 am: I awake to a BOOM. I think it's just a bad dream from Iraq (happens sometimes, PTSD is a motherfucker). I feel my kitten lying next to me and know I'm OK. Then the second BOOM.

ART: Noam. By Michel Giliberti. (Posted at the author's site.)

ART: Post tenebra lux. By Michel Giliberti. (Posted at the author's site.)

SPECIAL REPORT: Hurricanes Gustav and Ike Report. Resources and breaking news about the effects of the hurricanes on the gay, leather, bear, and pansexual BDSM communities.

ART: Blessure de mer. By Michel Giliberti. (Posted at the author's site.)

FICTION: CNN Studs: Rob and Anderson Go Storm-Hunting. By Duke Student. (Posted at Nifty.) While this story isn't quite up to par with the rest of this e-zine's contents in terms of literary merit, how could we resist a title like that? As the author puts it, "Far be it from me to take advantage of disasters to write porn, but hey, you've got to work with what fate gives you."

"I got a report at 8, man. Can't fuck all day."

ART: Le lien. By Michel Giliberti. (Posted at the author's site.)

FICTION: Express. By Parhelion. (Posted at the author's site.) A routine train trip for a private detective and his assistant turns into a nightmare . . . and something more.

A suspicion began to niggle at my consciousness. Taking the notion for some foolish manifestation of my fear of travel, I suppressed it. That was a mistake. Instead of sensibly insisting that we disembark, I abandoned my usual philosophical stance for stoicism and almost killed us both.

Past hurricane works at this e-zine: Hurricane Katrina Report and Regional Works (October 2005 issue), which included works related to Katrina and New Orleans.

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