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Fiction: Other Bodies | Mardi Gras.

Nonfiction: Historical Note to "Other Bodies" | A New Orleans State of Mind.


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Nonfiction: Maimed Beauty | George Dureau: Nude Male Photography and Art (introduction).


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Nonfiction: Friend, Dad, Mentor, and Teacher: Memories of Robert Davolt.



Fiction: Cruel Fate.


Deadlee launched his career earlier this millennium with his first release, the critically acclaimed 7 Deadlee Sins, which positioned Deadlee as a key player in music's latest underground movement, gay rap/hip hop. Despite his notoriety as a controversial gay rapper, Deadlee has also contributed music to On the Down Low, directed by Tadeo Garcia, and Vengeance, directed by Daniel Zirilli. Both movies feature songs contained on his second album, Assault with a Deadlee Weapon. In addition, Deadlee demonstrated his acting skills in Zirilli's gangbanger drama. The multifaceted artist has recently performed several stand-up comedy routines.

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Video: Good Soldier II (musician).


DoggyJ has been reading all her life and loves the written word. She has been active in fan fiction now for several years. She is most active in the Sentinel fandom, but has written stories for The Magnificent Seven and Stargate SG-1. She has also written one "Keyfic" story, for those of you who know what that is. "The General" is one of her few original stories and was inspired by Sam Elliot's performance in We Were Soldiers.


Fiction: The General.


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Photography: Stompers boot store and gay art gallery in New York City, 1978.


Jack Fritscher, emerging from the gay past, exists, both now and in the future, as a pioneer participant in gay culture and as a critic chronicling analytical witness to that history. He is the double-jointed author of literary fiction as well as of erotic fiction, including four novels, five fiction anthologies, three nonfiction books, and two produced plays. He is also the director and videographer of 170 feature videos. A gay pioneer from the 1960s, he wrote the 1968 novel, I Am Curious (Leather), began before Stonewall his research on Popular Witchcraft, befriended the legendary and elderly gay author Sam Steward (Phil Andros) in 1969, and became the founding San Francisco editor shaping the legendary Drummer magazine (1975), which published his features, fiction, and photographs for 25 years in more than 62 issues.

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Nonfiction: When Cameras Collide: Dureau, Disability, and Dueling with Mapplethorpe (interviewer) | Black-Leather Black Mass Celebrates Perfect Sex Date 6/9/69, Eighteen Days Before Stonewall Rebellion.

Fiction: At the Barracks on Folsom: Leather-Bondage Whip Dance from Some Dance to Remember.


Bob Guter's writing has appeared in the James White Review and in Fresh Men: New Voices in Gay Fiction. He is co-editor of Queer Crips: Disabled Gay Men and Their Stories, winner of a 2004 Lambda Literary Award, and the creator and editor of BENT: A Journal of CripGay Voices.

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Nonfiction: How to Find Love with a Fetishist (interviewer).


Born in 1970 in a suburb of Tel-Aviv to a family of Moroccan and Egyptian origin, Kobi Israel settled in 2002 in London, where he started working on a series of photographic mixed-media bodies of work exploring the multiple layers of human identity and the quest for self-definition. He was granted the "Judges Choice" Award at the Association of Photographers Open Exhibition and was selected as a finalist in the "Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize" at the National Portrait Gallery in London. His works have been widely published in books and magazines and are included in numerous private and public art collections throughout the world.

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Photography: Views.


Daddy James is a Leather Daddy and proud Owner of His kitten. He has been in the Leather lifestyle for about seven years and in BDSM since he was 17. He is now 33.

He is the Co-creator/Admin of The Triskelion Society, an online community committed to learning, teaching, and spreading the ideals of BDSM. He is also president of the Leather Family HILT (Happy in Leather – Texas).

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Nonfiction: What Would You Take with You?


Lately of New York City, now living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Drew Kramer has had articles published in GMSMA's newsletter, NewsLink. Formerly the chairman of GMSMA, he is a member of that organization, as well as the Chicago Hellfire Club, the Philadelphia Bondage Club, and Philly Phisters.


Nonfiction: Infernal.


Rip Naquin-Delain is publisher, editor, and Webmaster of Ambush Mag in New Orleans.

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Nonfiction: We Made It Out Alive.


Parhelion, who otherwise leads a placid existence, has had stories published in the e-zines Jack and Forbidden Fruit, as well as at Torquere Press. More historical fiction by Parhelion can be found at the author's Website.

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Fiction: Verdict.


The Rev. Elder Dr. Troy D. Perry founded Metropolitan Community Churches with 12 people in his living room in Los Angeles on October 6, 1968. Since that time, the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC) has grown, under his leadership, to 44,000+ people in over 300 congregations in 16 countries around the world. Perry has become an internationally recognized spiritual leader and one of the world's leading activists for the civil rights of gay/lesbian/bisexual and transgendered people.

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Nonfiction: Stupid Me, I Went to the Leather Bar.


Meredith Peruzzi is a professional interpreter in the Washington, DC, area, and she takes special delight in working for her own queer and kinky communities.


Nonfiction: Helping the Hearing to Hear: The International Deaf Leather and International Deaf Bear Contests 2005.

Dusk Peterson is listed at the bottom of this page.


Felice Picano's first book was a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award. Since then he has published twenty volumes of fiction, poetry, memoirs, etc. Considered a founder of modern gay literature along with the six other members of the Violet Quill Club, Picano also founded two publishing companies: the SeaHorse Press and Gay Presses of New York. He's been a regular writer for the San Francisco Examiner, The Lesbian Gay Review, and Lambda Book Report. Among his many award-winning books are the novels Like People in History and The Book of Lies. Recent Picano books include The New Joy of Gay Sex, Third Edition, 2003, with Charles Silverstein (HarperCollins) and Haworth Press reprints, in a uniform edition, of Picano's memoir-trilogy, Ambidextrous, Men Who Loved Me, and A House on the Ocean, a House on the Bay.

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Poetry: The Deformity Lover.

Nonfiction: Historical Note to "The Deforminty Lover".


John Preston (1945-1994) was an early gay rights activist and journalist who went on to write the most famous gay leather novel, Mr. Benson. Through his anthologies, he helped bring leather fiction out of the ghetto of pornography magazines and into the homes of readers of mainstream literature. 

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Fiction: Franny and Her Boys.


Shaun Proulx is a Toronto-based writer. He is publisher and editor of GayGuideToronto.com, a feature contributor with Canada's national newspaper The Globe & Mail, and a columnist and feature contributor with Xtra! and Outlooks.

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Nonfiction: Stupid Me, I Went to the Leather Bar (interviewer).


Kirk Read is the author of How I Learned to Snap, a southern coming-of-age memoir which was named an Honor Book by the American Library Association. He is an HIV counselor at St. James Infirmary, a free health care clinic for sex workers. He tours the country as a storyteller and hosts literary performance events, including the monthly open mic Smack Dab, which the San Francisco Chronicle called "a talent show for anyone who wants to get up and feel the love of an audience."

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Nonfiction: Hug a Novice.


Ulli Richter's August 2005 show at Adonis Art London marked the first ten years of his fetish photography in London, Europe and America. Ulli has worked for Australia's Blue Magazine, as well as on promotions for London's SMGays and Suzie Krueger's HARD ON. He is proud to be associated with RoB London and SPEXTER Munich, both of which he has created iconic advertising campaigns for. Ulli supplies regular features for LondonFetishScene.com, is the official photographer to International Mr Leather 2003 and 2004 and currently is working on a promotion drive for the Munich Lions Club, Europe's largest gay male fetish club, as well as the Leather & Motorbike Community Vienna.

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Photography: Play Scenes: Portfolio 6.


Rob Ridinger is a professor on the faculty of the University Libraries at Northern Illinois University and has worked to promote awareness of the Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M) within the professional library and archival communities. With his life  partner John Schultz, he helped found Trident International Windy City, in 1992, and has served that organization as secretary since that time. He also serves as the official  historian of the Mid America Conference of Clubs and has assembled a history of the Trident International as well. He is currently serving on the LA&M Board of Directors and working as coordinator of the pin collection.

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Nonfiction: Speaking Hands and Hearts: The Deaf Leather Community.


Ruthless's stories have appeared in gay erotic anthologies published by STARbooks Press. He lives on the Bay of Fundy in Canada with his family, including three cats and three children. Ruthless had a somewhat unstable childhood and now works in the thanatological field. He has written fiction as long as he can remember and if he doesn't want to write, it means that he is seriously physically ill. In his spare time he reads socio-biology and makes tiny model Indian encampments.

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Fiction: Death and the Veteran.


Master Sade is a 58 year old lifestyle dominant who currently keeps one slave and one pet and resides in New Orleans. Active in the Leather Community for the past decade, he has been a member of Threshold in Los Angeles, of New Orleans Power Exchange, was Co-Founder of Rubicon, and is currently a member of NOBLE and The Lords of Leather. Master Sade served as a governing council member and head Dungeon Monitor for NOBLE during 2003 and 2004. Master Sade was Co-Chairperson of the Eighth Annual Leather Leadership Conference held in New Orleans in April of 2004. Currently he serves on the Board of Directors of the Leather Fund as Chief Financial Officer. Master Sade accepts applications for training and service.


Poetry: New Orleans Nos 1 to 9.


Wally Sherwood of New Orleans, a pioneering activist in the continuing fight against AIDS, received the Man of the Year Award from The Leather Journal's Pantheon of Leather in 2005. A life-long newspaperman, he retired as Press Officer for the City and County of San Francisco in 2000 and moved back to New Orleans and the Faubourg Marigny. Wally, who earned his graduate degree in journalism and theatre from the University of Mississippi, remains active within the community through his Sherwood’s Forest column appearing regularly in Ambush Magazine. (Bio adapted from a news article by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain in Ambush Mag.)

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News: Sherwood in Exile (news column while evacuated from New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina).


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Video: Good Soldier II (director).


Between 1999 and 2002, Aubrey was host of the Internet talk show, Aubrey's Playroom, featuring diverse conversation for the Leather, Fetish, BDSM, and Alternative Sexuality Communities. Aubrey was Seattle Leather Daddy 1992, and after serving his term as Daddy, he went on to become Seattle Mr. Leather 1994 and Seattle Granddad in 1994. Aubrey was a judge for the International Mr. Leather Contest in 1995. Recently, he was a judge of the Erotic Art Festival 2004, and the Seattle Gay News was pleased to present his ongoing column "Equal Thirst." He is currently working on the Tony DeBlase Scholarship project.

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Fiction: Choices.


david stein's fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Drummer, DungeonMaster, International Leatherman, Mach, PowerPlay, and other periodicals as well as the anthologies Leatherfolk (Alyson), edited by Mark Thompson; SM Classics (Masquerade), edited by Susan Wright; and Horsemen: Leathersex Short Fiction (Leyland), edited by Joseph W. Bean. He is the co-founder of Gay Male S/M Activists (GMSMA) and the New York City male-only chapter of Masters And slaves Together (MAsT). For six years he wrote the "Bond+Aid" safety column for Bound & Gagged magazine, and in 1996 he guest-edited issue #14 of International Leatherman magazine, which was devoted entirely to real-world gay Masters and slaves. Having been involved in three Master/slave partnerships, slave david is unowned at present but under the protection and long-distance supervision of Master Steve, the founder and director of Butchmann's SM Academy.

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Fiction: Tryout at the Bondage Club.


Master Tallen is a former slave with many years of experience in the 24/7 Master/slave life and BDSM. He is a former Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist, and was responsible for training in POW handling, and resistance to interrogation. Having lived in several states over the last five years, Master Tallen has gained experience in varied approaches to BDSM and the Master/slave lifestyle. He has attended functions by several MAsT organizations, and bondage clubs throughout the country. This, combined with having been owned by five different Masters in five years and training dozens of boys/slaves and Masters alike, has given Him opportunities to enjoy numerous perspectives of human nature's interaction with the Master/slave lifestyle. Master Tallen is a current member of MAsT Washington and Sigma DC and is the Assistant Director of Master Taino's Training Academy. He began his evolution from slave to Master in 2002, and considers Himself fortunate to have several Masters as Mentors. He also mentors other Masters and slaves, and is the proud Owner of His 24/7 slave andrew.

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Nonfiction: The Master/slave and Dom/sub Flag.


Dusk Peterson is a fiction writer, history writer, and journalist whose articles and stories have appeared in such publications as Jack Rinella's LeatherViews column for Gay Chicago Magazine; Andrew Callimach's Lovers' Legends: The Gay Greek Myths (Haiduk Press, 2002); John Preston's Franny, the Queen of Provincetown (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2005); and MAS-Zine, a magazine devoted to dark homoerotic fiction. Peterson is also the editor of True Tales and of a number of GLBT and leather Websites, including The Leather Research Reference Shelf and Topman: Online Writings by and about John Preston. Peterson's latest book is Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers.

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Editorials: Bloodprint: Robert Davolt and the Legacy of Drummer | Hidden in the Dark: Leather Bars, Disabilities, and the Life and Death of Erotic Photography | Protecting Those Outside Our Backyard: The Importance of Regionalism and of Free Erotic Speech. | Gay Warriors: Aspects of a Lost Tradition. | Bringing Leather Out of the Closet: Larry Townsend and the Legacy of The Leatherman's Handbook | "I Wasn't a Prisoner": Why the Fate of the Galveston County Prisoners Should Matter to Us.

Fiction: What Slaves Do When They Aren't Cleaning Toilets | Spontaneous.

News: Breaking News | American Flags and Paddles: A Flea Market with a Difference | Who's the Boss? M/s Conference 2005 Reveals How Slaves Can Be Dominant for Their Masters, and How Masters Can Serve Their Slaves | A Flag for Unity: How the M/s and D/s Flag was Created | Youth, Endurance, and Hard Candies: Leatherfolk at D.C.'s Capital Pride Parade 2005.

Edited works: Leather Lit: Excerpts from Drummer Magazine's Narrative Nonfiction | True Tales Links | Tributes to Robert Davolt  | Leather and Disabilities: A Links Directory | George Dureau: Nude Male Photography and Art | Drummer Readers on the Eroticism of Disabled Men | True Tales Leather Journalism Awards 2005.

Nonfiction: Suggestions for Improving News Coverage and the Spread of Information in the Leather Community.

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